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Drunken Girl Smile

Drunken Girl Smile (2020)

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The dirty drinking habits of female college students who became gangbanged, oppa is lonely. Please comfort me now. Seokbong Hail brothers run a bar, but they are worried because there aren’t many customers, but a couple comes in and has sex in the corner. The couple who visited the next day also visited the place yesterday, but the man went away after fighting with his boyfriend. Tsunami tries to let a drunken female customer go out, but because of a woman’s plea for comfort, she has to do it with her. Seokbong and Haeil take Arang to the house. Seokbong spends the night on a hectic break. Arang, who woke up the next day, has no memory. Arang suffers from amnesia, while Seokbong and Hail claim that each other is Arang’s lover and cheat on Arang. The next day, I see another woman who fell drunk in Seokbong and Haeil’s shop…

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Duration: 63 Min

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